Day: June 25, 2020

Installing the mobile app to manage your ISP account.

This is a guide for setting up a Customer Portal application to help you manage your account with us in the easiest way possible 🙂 Getting rid of emails that you can lose track of and potentially missing something really important.

The application allows customers the following:

Profile management and documents

Change user information such as passwords to connect to the app as well as contact information

Review uploaded documents such as proof of address, map confirmation satellite screenshots and invoice POPs

Finance management

Check balance, invoices, all transactions and payments

Pay for the services online using Credit Card


Create/close or check the status of a support ticket and further communicate with a Dashing Support Agent in the app interface


To download the application, use the download link(s) below for the device you are using:


The login URL for the app is —

Your username and password can be found on your Welcome Letter that we send to you after placing your order

Example: Username – ABC1234

Password – P@ssw0rd123!

After logging in, you will see the Dashboard of the app where you can view all the information regarding your account 🙂

To create a support ticket, go the Support via the Dashboard and click on the Plus icon