Romans 16:27

"to God, alone wise, be glory through Jesus Christ forever. Amen."


Dashfibre was born on 1 October 2017 as a reseller and has grown to build our own network and sell fibre based Internet directly via the largest Fibre Network Operators, across all of South Africa.


Our goal is to make ourselves invisible – your Internet must just work. Quality and stable internet for our customers is key.


Our vision is to create a reliable, large and dynamic network that prioritises positive gaming, streaming and social media experiences.


Our mission is to provide an easy to use service, with the customers heart and delight as our top priority.

Today most of life is intertwined with Internet connectivity but technology has its glitches and gremlins. That's you need peace of mind that if and when the problems come, they will be able to be dealt with quickly and simply without hassle or complication – because WiFi UPTIME IS LIFE! Our passionate team is here for you.

We are gamers and technology experts who did not agree with the status quo of South African Internet. We understand why reliable connectivity and customer service is so important. You don't need to figure it out or how it all works, all you need is Dashfibre to make it work for you.

This is Dashfibre – The People's ISP.