Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Dashfibre?

Dashfibre was created to become a respectable and reliable service provider in South Africa. Our goal is to provide for and cater to invaluable customer service and communications to the best of our ability.

We are focused on bringing you simplified & specialized internet experience to your home or business.

What Is Fibre?

Fibre is a newer, better, faster up-to-date internet service rolling out in South Africa. "Fibre Optic Internet" gets its name from the material used for cabling, that is Optical fiber cable. Fibre is approximately 31% faster than copper which is currently used.

Not only is Fibre faster, but it also offers less congestion and less interference on the line. Basically... less problems, isn't that great?

What Is A FIP And How Do They Affect You?

A FIP is a Fibre Infrastructure Provider. They are responsible for laying the cables and providing a network in your area. This is important to know because we use this information to determine which package we can sign you up for.

It's important to know that we deal with the FIP directly on your behalf, this is part of our service.

How Do I Signup?

First, We need to identify if you are eligible for fibre in your area. This depends if the Fibre Infrastructure provider has dug and installed fibre cables in your area.
Second, We need to identify who your FIP is. Certain providers have the rights and/or own the cables in your area. This is so we know which provider we can provide data/wifi through. 
Third, We need your details so one of our dashing support agents can sign you into our system and apply for fibre.

Once applied for fibre, an installation team will contact you to arrange the fibre installation from your street into your home.
After installation and your FIP has activated you, we will activate you from our side and then it's smooth sailing!

Feel free to email us and send any queries to

Be sure to take a look at our INTEREST FORM

How Long Will It Take To Activate My New Service?

Up to 3 days for them to accept your order then up to 8 days to schedule an installation - could take up to 30+ days in extreme cases.

Once you’re installed you need to be provisioned and activated which could take up to 48 hours but usually done quicker.

Pre-orders can take anywhere from 5-8 weeks depending on the dig.

Please note these are approximations and generally are accurate but are subject to change.

Additional T's & C's may apply to Mobile Data and Hardware.

Billing & Cancellation

Once activated and online you will receive a pro-forma invoice from us which is to be paid within 24 hours. On the 20th of each month you will receive your monthly invoice for the month ahead to be paid by the 1st of each month.

*Please note: Any orders cancelled after being accepted by the Fibre Network Operator, before service is activated, will incur a cancellation fee of R390

**All cancellations require a 30 calendar day notice period in writing, before the last working day of the month. Early cancellations (under 6 months) will face a penalty of a mimimum of R999

How do I find my Client Control Panel Sign In details?

Contact us via an e-mail ( and we can send your sign in details, please keep in mind that we will need to verify who we are speaking to, so keep your ID book and/or banking details handy.

How Does Fibre Work & Why Upgrade?

It's simple, it's all based on infrastructure. The plan is a complete layover of the old. The world is moving forward and you don't want to be left behind. There is an upgraded network option available that is fibre optics. The internet works off data transfer, your service can be compared to a car that is limited to 60km/h on a racecourse that offers over 3000km/h.

The track is set and spreading, get with it.