Get To Know

Who Is Dashfibre?

Dashfibre is a new ISP in South Africa focused on bringing you a simplified internet experience in your home or business.

What Do We Offer?

Service is our top priority. We aim to offer you simple & quick solutions for your online needs. Less work for you, more for us.

What Is Fibre?

Fibre is a newer, better, faster up-to-date internet service rolling out in South Africa. "Fibre Optic Internet" gets its name from the material used for cabling, that is Optical fiber cable. Fibre is approximately 31% faster than copper which is currently used.

Not only is Fibre faster, but it also offers less congestion and less interference on the line. Basically... less problems, isn't that great?

How Does Fibre Work & Why Upgrade?

It's simple, it's all based on infrastructure. The plan is a complete layover of the old. The world is moving forward and you don't want to be left behind. There is an upgraded network option available that is fibre optics. The internet works off data transfer, your service can be compared to a car that is limited to 60km/h on a racecourse that offers over 3000km/h.

The track is set and spreading, get with it.

How Does The Signup Process Work?

Select a provider that is available in your area and enter your details via our signup form. One of our team members will get to you asap and walk with you each step of the way, from initial set up to the journey ahead.

And if that's a bit much, email us @ with any questions or queries.