My Line is installed, what do I do now?

Heiko Van Hoek 333 Views

Please note that it can take up to 48hrs for the FNO to provision/activate your line, usually done quicker.

Step 1: Make sure the router we sent you and the fibre box installed is plugged in correctly:

  1. Ethernet cable must be plugged into the WAN port of your WiFi router. It’s usually a Blue coloured port or one labelled as “WAN”.
  2. Ethernet cable must be plugged into Port 1 of the fibre box. (Port 5 if your FNO is TT Connect).

Step 2: Connect to the wireless network with the password you provided to us when signing up. The wireless password can also be found on the Welcome Letter sent to you with your router. (If you are using a mobile device, please make sure that your mobile data is switched off before continuing.)

Step 3: Visit via your preferred browser and put in your username. It will be the same as your WiFi name but instead of it will be Ex:

After clicking activate, the website will tell you that “you can now browse the internet at blazing fast speeds”. You are now connected with us 🙂